We love challenges. We love engineering. We love happy customers.

Looking for professionals in electronics?

Yes, we are specialists in embedded software defined radio including radio frequency electronics design. We also have some significant background in signal and image processing, product design and software development.

Design Services

We offer design services for large scale and small scale projects. Including software engineering, electronics design and production ramp-up. We will be happy to help you get your next big idea to market - fast.

Consulting, Prototyping & Case Studies

We are firefighters and there for you in case you need expert help. We do not consider ourself to good to only take on big projects - we believe that small projects and support services including prototyping and case studies sharpen our minds and are equally as important - don't hesitate to ask us for help.


If you are looking for educational services we are the right people to ask. Our experts with longstanding teaching experience at leading universities (ETH Zuerich, Universities of Zurich & Bern, Bern University of Applied Science) can provide specialized training for your engineers or more general education for a broad public. And if we are unsure we certainly have a good network of experts.

Equipment rental

You know the feeling - there's this one measurement that you would like (or need) to perform but you don't have the right measurement device available. We do have some high quality, calibrated RF measurement gear that we rent out. Ask us about our devices or the data you would like to have.

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