Celebrating Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate the fifth anniversary of PrecisionWave AG. PrecisionWave AG was founded in the summer of 2016. Since then, the company has established itself worldwide with their first products, the FM/DAB+ Voice Break-In devices.

World's first FeMBMS (5G-Xcast) repeater available

Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Services (FeMBMS) released by 3GPP (Rev. 14) demand new frequencies for repeaters in indoor or outdoor areas. We have now expanded our VBI portfolio by creating a market-unique FeMBMS repeater.

New Office Space in Solothurn

We have moved to a new and bigger location, about 300m from where we used to be. Now we are even closer to the heart of Solothurn. You find us new at Dammstrasse 1, 4500 Solothurn

DAB+ VBI Installed in Gotthard Tunnel

Our DAB+ Voice Break-In device has been installed in dozens of tunnels throughout Switzerland, including the world-renowned Gotthard Street Tunnel, former world's longest tunnel.

The DAB/DAB+ repeater systems installed in many shorter tunnels and stores make sure users in Switzerland can enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience.

CTI Support for RAPID Granted

We are happy to finally present our company on the internet with more than just a logo and an address.

In recent months we have been working on improving our web-frontend for the Voice Break-In Devices. Realtime input power display and other features have been added for even better user convenience.

Further, our company has been granted an "Innocheck" by the swiss commission for technology and innovation (CTI) for the development of the RAPID system with which we aim at strongly reducing emergency unit traffic delays. Stay tuned!