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...and the urge for precision our virtue.

We are your specialist when it comes to FPGA signal processing and radio frequency electronics.

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First Broadcast Test Receiver (BR-VBI) shipped

Today we shipped our first broadcast test receiver (BR-VBI). Hooray! BR-VBI is a digital broadcast receiver allowing measurements and supervision for all common broadcast networks from 400 kHz up to 950 MHz. BR-VBI is natively supported by the Kathrein...


ZEBU - a new SDR is born

Our new third generation software defined radio is born. It is optimized for highest sensitivity with a high precision, low-noise clock design. Thanks to two 16-bit 12.6 GSPS DAC outputs and eight 14-bit 500-1250 MSPS ADC inputs, we are ushering in a...

Tunnel Safety with VBI

20 years ago, a fire disaster occurred in the Gotthard road tunnel. Since then, the Federal Office of Transport (ASTRA) has invested heavily in tunnel safety. Our DAB+ response system (DAB-VBI) is used as part of the safety system for alerting people...

PrecisionWaveAG Horizontal 5years

Celebrating Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate the fifth anniversary of PrecisionWave AG. PrecisionWave AG was founded in the summer of 2016. Since then, the company has established itself worldwide with their first products, the FM/DAB+ Voice Break-In devices.

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World's first FeMBMS (5G-Xcast) repeater available

Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Services (FeMBMS) released by 3GPP (Rev. 14) demand new frequencies for repeaters in indoor or outdoor areas. We have now expanded our VBI portfolio by creating a market-unique FeMBMS repeater.