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Road Access Priority Information Device (RAPID)

Our latest innovation
«Finally be there early! Information broadcasting to save lives.»

What is it about?

Time plays a significant role when it comes to life-threatening situations. For this, emergency vehicules appreciate and rely on prerogative road access including priority lanes or authorization for red-light crossing. However, emergency services often are unnecessarily delayed by other road users blocking the road. Oftentimes they are not aware of an emergency vehicule approaching as they are distracted by music in their cars. High cost may be the consequence (e.g. in case of fires), but most importantly lives are at stake.

What does the device do?

Our Road Access Priority Information Device (RAPID) allows the rescue vehicules to interrupt car audio services (FM, DAB+) and alert road users of the imminent emergency car by replacing the existing radio program by a pre-recodrded or live audio information message or an alarm signal. Also, an information message is displayed on the car radio. Contact us Rapid%20principle


Our company has been granted a CTI Innoscheck to finalize the RAPID for field applications. We are currently seeking emergency unit operators (Police, Fire-fighter brigades, Military) for collaboration - Contact us if you are interested in RAPID.


Product Brief
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