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DAB+/UKW Repeater

Small, all-inclusive DAB+/UKW repeater system

What is it about?

Did you ever drive in to a tunnel listening to the radio playing your favorite song when suddenly there was no signal? We have the solution for operators of tunnels or large buildings: a cost efficient, high-quality DAB+ repeater and signal re-conditioning system.

What does the device do?

The working principle is simple: you take a weak or "low quality" input signal outside the tunnel or building, do some re-conditioning magic (e.g. optionally change channel frequencies, display messages, etc.) and send out a more powerful, high-quality signal into the tunnel or building. Your customers or the road users will appreciate uninterrupted audio signal on their devices. DAB Repeater

Why are other high-performance DAB+/UKW repeater systems so big?

To be honest: we don't know. All we know is that our No-CPU SDR platform paired with some precision DAB+ or UWK front-end modules makes up for a compact all-inclusive repeater system comlying to all regulatory standards. More than 40 installed devices with signals transmitted to thousands of DAB listeners can't be wrong.

Why should you choose PrecisionWave repeater devices?

Because they do what you expect them to do at low power, low price, over a long period of time and compliant to all regulatory requirements.
We not only provide the signal quality. We have full bandwidth coverage, signal reconditioning and every channel with its own automatic gain control (AGC). And an an easy setup is what you might be looking for in a compact DAB/FM repeater system too? Contact us


The DAB+/UKW repeater hardware is based on our versatile No-CPU software radio platform with precision DAB+ or UKW front-ends. Compact and cost-saving.
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Product brief
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