Tunnel Safety with VBI

20 years ago, a fire disaster occurred in the Gotthard road tunnel. Since then, the Federal Office of Transport (ASTRA) has invested heavily in tunnel safety. Our DAB+ response system (DAB-VBI) is used as part of the safety system for alerting people over the car radio in case of an emergency. This project was followed by dozens of other tunnels, which are becoming safer with our break-in solutions.

For VBI in action, please refer to the following video (04 min 10s and 07 min 30s):

Tunnelsicherheit 20 Jahre nach dem Gotthardtunnel-Brand

Source: SRF, Regionaljournal Zentralschweiz, 22.10.2021, 12:03/17:30 Uhr; vogb/sda/vonb

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