World's first FeMBMS (5G-Xcast) repeater available

Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Services (FeMBMS) released by 3GPP (Rev. 14) demand new frequencies for repeaters in indoor or outdoor areas. We have now expanded our VBI portfolio by creating a market-unique FeMBMS repeater.

FeMBMS is also known as “5G-XCast” focuses on future distribution of media content in broadcast based on mobile technology. Introducing this technology allocates new broadcast frequency bands and introduces new cell coverage challenges. Based on the field-proven VBI family, our FeMBMS repeater is characterized as a highly integrated and cost- effective solution for cell extension covering shadowed areas or indoor locations.

Up to four independently configurable sub-band filters per channel with automatic gain control can be configured by a web interface. Thus, on-site FeMBMS service selection is made easy. Each sub-band input signal level is constantly monitored. Low signal levels may trigger configurable alarms over various interfaces.

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